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Buff Bobcat M.D.

Welcome to Buff Bobcat M.D.

Find out more info on Buff Bobcat M.D. Pierre Pozzuto

Master Trainer

Arguably a Master from the age of 13 when Pierre became a Shotokan Karate Black Belt & began training the lower grades in his camp. The one thing our M.D does very well is lead. With 20+ years of group training under his belt, this Karate kid turned, Biologist, turned Head Coach is a master of many fitness disciplines.

You can find a sea of facts on Google, YouTube & regarding health & fitness journeys he has taken.


More specifically, Pierre became a choreography guru from the age of 20. Travelling the world to train other trainers in the art of exercise to music. Our Buff Bobcat Boss still can’t resist the odd invite abroad to share his knowledge so keep your eye out for the next venture. 


Pierre has always taken weight training serious. As a biologist & athlete from an early age he knew the importance of keeping strong to avoid injury & improve performance. Pierre’s biggest dilemma has always been balancing his energy between cardio love (Presenting) & getting bigger & stronger. He is our living proof & main testimonial that smart nutrition, training & supplements can get you anything you want. Our M.D is an international fitness presenter, master trainer, Coach & bodybuilder because science today allows it. Our products take you to that next level so you can do what you love & crush those goals.

Core Nutritionals ABC is a great tasting, effective BCAA blend. I sip it during my workouts. Feel great the next day, ready to train again. Loved it!

Russell Hornby Ex England Team Hockey

Core Nutritional’s ISO protein, it tasted incredible and i'll be ordering every month

Scott Wainright Fitness Pro

Never had a Greens formula that didn’t taste like dirt before!? This MTS Machine Greens is awesome in Cinnamon Apple flavour.

Hannah Jordan Gym Obsessed
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